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Cameroon Coalition Publish What You Pay (PWYP)

2022 Annual Seminar Ends in Mvolye (2-4 November 2022)

The Cameroon Coalition Publish What You Pay (PWYP) was established  in Cameroon in 2005 by 10 organizations as part of a global movement lobbying to ensure that the resources and benefits from oil, gas, and mining translate into improvement for the lives of the people. PWYP insists on transparency in the extractive sector and ensures that citizens benefit from the exploitation of their natural resources.   PWYP held its 2022 annual assembly in Mvolye from Tue 2-Fri 4 November. 

The members who form the Cameroon Coalition  Publish What You Pay, include the Justice and Peace Commission of NECC, Dynamique Mondiale de Jeunes; Transparency International-Cameroon; AGAGES; Réseau de Lutte contre la Faim; Service Œcuménique pour la Paix; Fondation Camerounaise d’Actions Rationalisées et de Formation sur l’Environnement Centre pour l’environnement et le Développement ; and Réseau National Anti-Corruption.

On behalf of NECC Mgr Jervis Kebei welcomed all the participants and indicated the path which the Conference had taken to ensure that there is transparency in the mining sector in Cameroon. The Church will continue to lobby for justice to be done so that the ordinary citizens can also benefits from the natural resources of our country.  After this the Cameroon representative and then the Africa Director of PWYP spoke. At the closing ceremony a new Coordination was put in place made up of three organizations- NJPS represented by Mr Sulika Silvanus, Dynamique Mondiale (DMJ)- Duplieix Kuenzob, and Service Oecumenique (SeP) by Fomekong Solomon

 Hope.  The National Justice and Peace Service of NECC  was designated the focal point.

Fr Humphrey Tatah

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