CoSMO Project staff called to be professional, duty-conscious

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His Grace Andrew Nkea, President of the National Episcopal Conference of Cameroon (NECC) has saluted the staff of the CoSMO Project for the implementation of the project.

“I want to sincerely thank you for the [smooth] kickoff of this project,” said His Grace Nkea.

His Grace Nkea was speaking in a CoSMO Project all-staff meeting at NECC in Mvolye, Yaoundé – where the project coordination office is lodged.

CoSMO is an acronym for “Consolidating Systems and Services for the Management of Orphans and Vulnerable Children in Cameroon.

The meeting was an opportunity to make an appraisal of the project implementation thus far.

“We’ve been following the project very closely, but also very discreetly [too]. And I’ll say that after monitoring this project for a couple of months, the Episcopal Conference is more than average satisfied with the progress of the project, all other key problems notwithstanding,” said His Grace Nkea.

According to His Grace Nkea, Cameroon and most [of its] agencies are known for a lackluster attitude when it comes to implementing projects – especially externally funded projects. However, he hopes that CoSMO should be a place where standards should redeem this country.

“Your professionalism – whether it comes to punctuality, efficiency, or people management – has to fall within professional standards,” he said.

“CoSMO can and should make a difference in this country. I’m convinced you can be efficient and function normally like any agency across the globe,” he stressed.

It’s worth mentioning that CoSMO is a USAID-PEPFAR-funded project implemented by NECC in 68 health districts across Cameroon. It has a goal to build resilient communities for orphans and vulnerable children.

Akem Olives Nkwain

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