“I’m passionate about the well-being of children”: The Caseworker on a mission to improve the welfare of OVC living with HIV in Bamenda

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“Providing appropriate support and care for orphans and vulnerable children (OVC) – those living with HIV, can be a challenge for both families and society says Thelma Tangni. She intends to change that.

She’s taken on the mission to contribute in her little way to improve the welfare of OVC, especially those living with HIV, in her community. To her, love and passion for children are what drive her to go into the communities and provide services to disadvantaged children and families.

Tangni is a caseworker at the Cameroon Medical Women’s Association (CMWA), which is a sub-recipient implementing partner of the CoSMO Project. « I’m passionate about the well-being of people, especially children. That’s what made me join the CoSMO Project, » says Tangni.

I appreciate health a lot. I know that health is wealth. Once someone is healthy, there’s nothing that person cannot achieve. That’s what motivates me to work with the OVC Project, she says.

As a caseworker, Tangni’s primary responsibilities include conducting assessments, developing case management service plans, coordinating services, and providing advocacy and psychosocial support to OVC in an earmarked household. She is committed to these responsibilities and always goes the extra mile to meet them.

It’s 11 am on January 25, 2024, in the buzzing neighborhood of Mile 4, Nkwen. Tangni has already made it through the dusty streets by bike, in the biting cold to catch up with her home visit rendezvous. As she walks into the house, the camaraderie, high fives, and hugs exchanged with members tell of the work she has already done in making Emile and his family accept that he can live a normal life with HIV.

« Each time I come for a home visit like this after the greeting, we always revisit the discussion handled in the previous month, do an evaluation improvement, and identify a new need and how we can meet it, » she said while immediately engaging Emile and his guardian on the day’s topic.

« Emile, last time we said during today’s home visit, you will tell us the trade you’ve chosen to learn. So tell me what you’ve decided, » she quizzed with a broad smile, staring at Emile without blinking.

After 30 minutes of discussion with Emile and his family, Tangni does one last check on her planned activities. “Emile bring me your pillbox,” she says. At that, Emile gets into the living room and returns with a pillbox.

“Emile after monitoring your pillbox it shows that the last day you took your medication was on the 25th – that’s today. It means you’ve not missed a day. This is great,” she affirms, high-fiving Emile.

Like Emile, the Caseworkers of the CoSMO Project daily crisscross homes in 10 regions – where the project is implemented – to reach 65000 OVC in 68 districts in Cameroon.

CoSMO is a USAID-PEPFAR-funded project implemented by the National Episcopal Conference of Cameroon.  

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